PF # 88: Pink Bible and More

My New Pink Bible and Other Goodies

A few weeks ago, I received another surprise from one of my dearest mommy friends. Mommy Olga of The Tottering Mama sent me these lovely gifts as her belated “Happy Birthday” gift to me. The note that came with it was so sweet. She explained what each gift meant. The facial mask is for the BODY. The cute post-it notes is for the MIND. The Pink Bible is for the SOUL. Isn’t that cute and lovely??

To Mommy Olga, thank you so much for thinking of me both in BODY, MIND and SOUL! God bless your generosity!!

I am extending because I was late. We are open until Tuesday, 11:59PM at +8 GMT.

28 thoughts on “PF # 88: Pink Bible and More

  1. Wow! That’s a very nice and thoughtful gift– kumpletos rekados kaayo: for the mind, body, and soul! Perfect for a very workaholic like you, Mommy Rubz! 🙂

  2. pretty Bible cover Mommy Ruby, you are lucky to have a generous friend, visiting from PF. Happy weekend to you and to your family.

  3. Mommy Ruby, I hope you forgive me because I have four entries this week 🙁 I like that Bible cover, the goodies are so sweet from your sweet friend

  4. I’m so glad you love the gifts, Mommy Rubz! Good people deserve to be showered with gifts. Kaya ikaw, you’re always being showered with gifts by your friends. ^_^

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