PF #9: Pink Digital Camera

Welcome to the 10th post for Pink Fridays! It’s been awhile and we have finished two months already.

Anyway, for my entry this week, I have been planning to buy my very own digital camera. Well, I have one but my husband is using it. So every time I wanted to take pictures, I end up with my lousy mobile phone or nothing at all.

If I were to have my resources right now, I would love to own this Pink Sony Cyber-Shot. It features a 7.2 megapixels quality capture and I guess it’s enough for non-pro like me. I only need a blogging partner.

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2 thoughts on “PF #9: Pink Digital Camera

  1. I wanted to buy that camera but sadly I didn’t. Really nice for everyday use.

    Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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