PF #9: Valentine Edition

Though it’s Friday the 13th, I am already celebrating Valentines here. So, to make something out of the usual, I just grabbed this pink fluffy heart from google images. I think it fits well with our Pink Fridays theme and of course the season of hearts.

Valentines Comments at CommentsJunkie.com


  1. carlota

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Love the pink hearts!

  2. My Pink Shoelace

    Happy Hearts Day Pink Mama, will pass up for this weeks Pink Friday but will surely play again next week. Got a meme for yah check it out here: http://mypinkshoelace.com/myrantings/2009/02/14/all-we-need-is-love-lots-of-love/

  3. elai

    happy valentines day!!

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