PF # 91: When Pink Is Just A Color Again

One of the influencing factor why PINK became one of my favorite color since 2007 is the fact that this color symbolizes “Breast Cancer Awareness.” When you see pink ribbons tied, it is showing support for Breast Cancer victims and survivors. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am posting this video I found a few weeks ago and immediately bookmarked it so that I could feature and share to you that PINK is more than a color. It speaks of faith, hope and love!

13 thoughts on “PF # 91: When Pink Is Just A Color Again

  1. what a powerful color and hope that one day a cure for breast cancer is available. I am lucky to say that my eldest sister is a breast cancer survivor :-). I hope you visit my entry back Mommy Ruby

  2. posted my entry for this week.. she’s my princes ahahah how i wish to have a baby girl so i have lots of pinkies to share 😀

  3. A donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation helps provide free mammograms for women in need to promote . cancer fundraising activities help fund educational programs that provide answers to breast cancer patients . The support group network for the National Breast Cancer Foundation has a wide-reaching support community full.

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