PF # 96: Pink Twitter Profile

Time flies too fast or I am not sleeping enough that I forget what time it is? Believe it or not, I was shocked when I found out that it was already 12MN!! I was following all the hoopla on 11-11-11 and then suddenly bam! It hit me, its already 11-12-11!! Waaah!! I am so late again with Pink Fridays!! Sorry for that!! 🙁

But just like they say, better late than never, here is my entry for this week. My Pink Twitter Profile! Not so kawaii or special but I really like the pinkness of it all!!

So if your in twitter you can follow me and shoot me a tweet saying following from Pink Fridays and surely, I will follow you back!!

Share your Pinkness this week!!

14 thoughts on “PF # 96: Pink Twitter Profile

  1. The fourth honors ra gyud ko ug balik aning PF weeeee. btw, marz pwedi ko ask where nimu gi insert sa theme and adsense ky mura preha mn ta ug theme siguro. gusto nku mogawas on top sa post. thanks

  2. Yayks, we have same background color.. it’s been since since time immemorial.. lol… joining this week Rubz 🙂

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