PF # 99: Pink Hello Kitty Watch

Hello Pink Lovers!!!

It’s Friday once again and it’s time to show all our fellow pink lovers out there what pinkness we have encountered within the week!! As for me, I am sharing you this lovely Pink Hello Kitty Watch given to Bella by her Tita Eihdra of One Proud Momma! But since this lovely pink watch is too big for my youngest, Tita Eihdra decided to give it to Ate Micah. Yay! Instant Christmas Gift to Ate Micah! She was very happy by the way. Thank you so much Mommy Eihdra!! You made my kiddos smile again, as usual.

Share your pinkness this week!!


  1. OneProudMomma

    Glad Ate Micah liked it, but don't worry Bella, I'll find something for you 🙂 Thanks Mommy for sharing this 🙂 I haven't even seen the watch and don't even know if it includes a battery ahahahahha

  2. Leah H.

    Hmmn, lucky big sister:) That is a cool watch..

    Happy Friday!

  3. Dhemz

    ang aga nang pamasko…am sure ateMicha love it!

  4. yuuki

    cute watch, want one too!

    been checking the site several times for this post, yey #5 ako!

  5. emzkie

    that is sooooo cute!!!!! super! love it! lol

  6. Rebel, Sweetheart

    Hello Kitty = the epitome of pinkness. 😀

  7. Life Unexpected by BigHotMommaG

    I am so inggit!! Ganda ganda ng watch!!!

  8. One Proud Momma

    Finally, was able to join! Will do the rounds in the morning 🙂

  9. Kaye T.

    Ang slow ko! Tagal kong hinanap ung badge…nsa gilid lang pala na 'grab more buttons here'. hehehe! Btw, really cute watch! I love hello kitty but my daughter still doesn't appreciate pink stuff or hello kitty. si mommy lang tuloy natutuwa. 🙂

  10. Jessica Cassidy

    that is one pretty Hello Kitty watch for Ate Micah…Ate be extra sweet to Bella 🙂 Dropping some love for PF Mommy, hope that you can return the favor too.

  11. Icar Maghirang

    I like HK too!great gifts …

  12. Shydub

    That is one cute hello kitty watch

  13. Gengen

    Just join mommy. Have a great weekend.

  14. Keanna

    That's a lovely HK watch! I'm sure bagay na bagay po kay Bella. =) Merry Christmas!

  15. katya kate

    Very lovely gift! Enjoy the holidays! 🙂

  16. Life Unexpected by BigHotMommaG

    Checking out ulit to blog hop.. SOrry na-busy na po eh.. 🙂

    Merry Christmas to all!

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