Pink Balloons Wall Decal

Hello, guys! Welcome back to Pink Fridays! It has been two years since the last Pink Fridays post was up. To be exact, it was March 27, 2015! And I am pretty sure many of you pink lovers out there missed playing this blog meme.

So without further ado, let us welcome our 212th Pink Fridays post!

Took this photo yesterday at the Centrio Mall's VIPinoy Lounge. There were cuter wall decals posted all around but this one was the cutest – pink balloons with a cute kitty hanging.

Pink Balloons Wall Decal

Do you have a Pink Fridays entry for today? If so, don't forget to leave the link and comment below!


  1. Sunshinelene

    Welcome back Pink Fridays!
    My entry is in and I decided it's a virgin entry. lols! My first for now. Crossing fingers for the next post next Friday.

    1. Pink Mama Post author

      Thank you for joining, Mommy Arlene! Hope to see you play again next week!

  2. Jessica Cassidy

    Thank you Mommy Ruby for putting back the Pink Friday. I missed it. I cannot wait to visit that mall one day soon. The wall decal is so pretty and looks like hand painted with exceptional talent.

    1. Pink Mama Post author

      Hello, Mommy Jessica! I missed doing it as well. It has been a long time! Missed old school blogging too!

  3. Willa

    Will comeback with my link

    1. Pink Mama Post author

      Got your link, Marz! Hope to see you play again next week!

  4. Mitchteryosa

    Yay, it's Pink Fridays!

    That's a pretty and clean wall decal!

    1. Pink Mama Post author

      Hello, Mommy Mitch! Glad you have joined. See you again next week!

  5. Jackeline Cagas Paraiso

    Welcome back Pink Friday! Where's the badge Mommy Rubz?

    1. Pink Mama Post author

      Hello, Mommy Jackie!

      You can grab the badge here:

  6. c5

    Yay!!! Finally joined after soooooo long a time! And I really blogged!!! 😮

    1. Pink Mama Post author

      Yup! Welcome back! Hope you can play again next week!

  7. Sunshinelene

    who is wahmderous, mommy rubs?!
    I can't find her name in her blog. 🙂

    1. Pink Mama Post author

      Mommy Jenjacqs owns that blog. 🙂

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