Pink for October

I just recently bumped into a blog called Pink for October. The main objective of this blog is to create awareness for breast cancer and to raise funds for research.

Pink for October 2008

As a woman and a way of support, I decided to join and put up signs to help promote their cause. I am not wealthy but I can blog and help create awareness.

All men and women are invited to join and GO PINK for the whole month of October. Visit today and help promote a noble cause!

2 thoughts on “Pink for October

  1. Thank you for going pink in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 😀

    We are running a series of 12 contests on the Pink for October website throughout October and there are many attractive prizes up for grabs too. That includes a “Share Your Story And Win A Prize” contest where you can share a true story, or encourage your friend/family/neighbour/colleague to share theirs, plus a “Design And Win” contest where you can submit the Pink for October buttons/badges/banners that you have designed.

    For more information, please visit the official Pink for October website:

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