Pink Fridays Five Dollar Weekly Giveaway – Week One Winners!

Vhen and Annie

Please email me your PAYPAL EMAIL using my CONTACT FORM.

To those who haven’t won last week, don’t forget to join again this coming FRIDAY. You might be the lucky winner!! See you again soon!!!

Again… CONGRATS to our WINNERS!!!

13 thoughts on “Pink Fridays Five Dollar Weekly Giveaway – Week One Winners!

  1. I am’ Annie’s sister… She’s very new to blog world. She asked me why she won or what this all about..hahaha:)

    Anyway thanks:)..i am #37..thank you)

  2. I am really surpriese of winning of this pink friday though is is my first time.From the buttom of my heart thank you,thank you so much.This would be the beginning of my blogging world.

  3. May winner na pala hehe..I thought sa wednesday pa ang announcement.. d ako nanalo lol.. ok lng marami pang next friday haha..anyway congrats sa mga winner,,

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