Pink Hello Kitty Bag

Friday is here again! Welcome to our 216th Pink Fridays post!

I talked about my youngest daughter's favorite pink lunch bag last time. Now, I am introducing to you the pink Hello Kitty bag I bought for her last month. She liked the bag alright but she complained that it was too small. Unlike her favorite pink lunch bag, all the things she wanted to bring can fit inside. So I guess the favorite bag is still the pink lunch bag. Still undefeated!


What PINK do you have now? Please share with us!

6 thoughts on “Pink Hello Kitty Bag

  1. I hate it when that happen. Like bilhan mo sila ng bago to upgrade from the one you thought was luma and unusable anymore,and the new one is lot prettier, but they still end up liking their favorite and the new one got stuck to the closet.

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