Pink Kitchen Appliances

All of you know that I missed my post on Pink Fridays and so as the announcement of my contest winners. Aside from that, I have already posted countless apologies because of the delays. Well, I have no choice but still to say sorry. To be honest, I havenโ€™t finished checking yet as I am having a very busy life right now. We are still adjusting to our new place (unpacking and arranging our stuffs) and I am also much occupied with many other online workloads.

Anyway, I will post the winners soon. Please be patient and stay tuned for that. For the mean time, let me show you a cool pink find I saw awhile ago. I was hoping to check on some pink vacuum cleaners since central vacuum system is hot in the market today but I was able to bump into a set of pink kitchen appliances instead. They look so cool and pretty to me. The sight of it makes me want to have my own pink kitchen too!

“taken from google images”

2 thoughts on “Pink Kitchen Appliances

  1. These are cute appliances. Sorry I’ve been missing on the Pink Friday meme will try to get back in the game next week.

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