Pink Lunch Bag

Hello, guys! It's FRIDAY once again and I welcome you all to our 213th Pink Fridays post!

This is a pink lunch bag my youngest daughter use. Though it's a lunch bag, she uses it like any ordinary bag. So far, this is her favorite bag as of the moment. My friends here can actually a test how she carries this bag wherever she goes.

8 thoughts on “Pink Lunch Bag

  1. We all do have our own favorite things or stuff to use no matter what,regardless of how it even looks to others,but if it is our favorite, we don't care, we just love using it. 🙂

  2. Aww that's a cute bag. In our case, the kids have so many bags that they bring a different one every time they go out, depending on how big or how much stuff they wanna bring. hehe

  3. That's cute, Mommy! I like to have one like that for baon or any stuff to work but often times I do not have the time to go out and buy.

    1. I am quite the opposite. I don't bring food at work before. I prefer going out to buy. I guess I like walking as a way to exercise and to relieve stress.


  4. It looks like a very comfortable and pretty lunch bag. I though have three lunch bags but I used the black pattern every day. Maybe because it has more room for food.

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