Pink Picture Challenge

This year, I wanted to look for pink photos that relates to manly jobs. Example, metal works have always been a man’s job. So, my challenge was to search anything related to metal works but this item must be pink in color. Then I tried searching for pink spring plungers but I couldn’t find one. All that came up were girly stuff in pink!

With that in mind, I got this idea. Why not hold a contest for Pink Fridays! Pictures of pink stuffs but are normally for men. OK, pink t-shirts for men are common nowadays. Maybe something more challenging, like pink spring plungers, pink toolbox, pink screw driver and the like, what do you think? All pictures must be taken personally by the contest participant and must not be edited. Do you think this would be a great contest??

Tell me your ideas and I will think about this more. I am not into making faggots out of our men. I am just saying that a challenge of finding manly stuff for girls – in pink! 😀

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