Pink Reversible Pink Bed Linen

What is it in our minds that men love blue and women love pink, generally? Color can tell a lot about a person and loving pink is like telling the world you are so girly, so feminine. The saying that goes, “Real men can wear pink,” could really mean that those men are in touch with the feminine world that they know enough of. That is what made them real men. Men who wear too much of pink almost all the time is a different story, though.

The luxury bed linen is really something to embrace while you are asleep. If someone will gift me a set I will treasure it. I discovered, though, that the same company has pink reversible gingham bed linen and the set is awesome too! It will make my bedroom so feminine. It will remind my hubby that a woman owns this bedroom and is in charge of how it should be dressed. All he needs to do is lie down and enjoy the comfort of the bed and the hands that prepared the room for him. With this pink bed linen I’m sure the girls would love to have their own too! Someday soon.

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