Plastic Card Printing

Most companies nowadays use Plastic Card Printing for their IDs. These cards look very decent and fit perfectly in the modern corporate offices. Gone are the days of just printing the blank ID template on a piece of board and then manually filling up the blanks with personal information. With those kind of ID cards, you will need to past a 1″x1″ photo on the card and then have the whole thing go through a plastic laminating machine. But these are ugly and are easily destroyed.

But plastic Printing Service does not end with the IDs. A lot of companies also make use of this innovation to have customized Presentation Folders. They buy folders with plastic covers and have them printed with the company’s logo in the front. These folders are used during meetings with clients where they have to make presentations.

These folders can also be used during company board meetings. The minutes of the meeting are inserted in the folders and placed in front of the assigned chairs of each member in the board room. These are really very presentable. To add a personalized touch to this, you can also have the names of the board members individually printed on the cover of the folders so that there is no exchanging of documents. Don’t worry about the extra cost because the members of the board do not take home these folders so they are reusable for the next meeting.

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