Playing Bingo With Seniors

Much like their senior counterparts who spend all day playing bingo, children today are spending too much time indoors playing games, rather than pursuing physical activities. With so many fun activities and sports to choose from, it’s surprising that so few of America’s youth are participating. Across the board, from basketball to tennis, ballet to tap, children’s activities have seen a dramatic drop in enrollment that cannot solely be a response to the bad economy. PlayStation game sales have not suffered, nor have their expensive game pieces and alternative systems like Wii. In fact, entertainment in the United States since the recession began has actually increased as an industry, perhaps due to the large numbers of people who need a means to escape their distressing situations.

Many sports, like karate, offer children the opportunity to socialize, thus gaining imperative social skills, and to gain agility and coordination, too. Children who are exposed to physical activity at a young age are less likely to face adult obesity, studies show, because habits instilled in youth are often kept through adolescence and adulthood. Karate, and other sports, teach children invaluable life lessons about respect, courage, confidence, and industry.

Other great sports activities for your child include things like ballet, which helps children to develop a greater sense of physical balance, as well as instilling children with a peaceful pace for exercise and relaxation. Baseball, an American classic, has lost its footing in the ranks as most popular, as other sports like soccer become more popular internationally and locally.

Although bing0 itself is not a great activity for children who need encouragement to become more physically active, volunteering in senior centers is a great way for kids to become more aware of others in their community who may need companionship and assistance.

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