Practical Home Décor Ideas

If you have just moved into a new place or you’ve lived in the same home for some time you probably have a wish list of home improvements and décor ideas. Some may require a lot of planning – things like new bedroom and bathroom designs for example, while others are simple upgrades like a new lamp or a throw pillow. Whatever your wishes maybe it’s a good idea to think about the big picture and work toward a long term goal.

Perhaps you plan on remodeling the bathroom in the next few years so you don’t want to invest a lot of time and effort into bathroom décor. There’s no need to suffer just because the current bathroom is lacking – with a new shower stool you can shave and shampoo in comfort until the time comes when you can replace the tub or shower with one that truly meets your needs. A handheld showerhead is the sort of thing which can be installed without the help of a plumber; it makes it easy to shampoo hair, bathe pets, water plants and clean the tub or shower.

Maybe you dream of a spa-like bathroom with a fancy towel warmer, beautiful bath fixtures and other elegant appointments. There’s no need to wait years to enjoy hot fluffy towels after a bath or shower when you can get a freestanding or countertop towel warmer; most plug in to a conventional wall outlets and can be moved or placed wherever you want. A towel warmer is handy for warming baby clothes and drying swimwear and fine washables so when you do get that brand new bathroom you can simply use your towel warmer in the laundry or utility room.

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