Prada Sunglasses and other Fashionable Eyewears

It is nice to own some designer stuff, from clothes, bags, shoes, to sunglasses. What woman would not want to have a closet that has up to date fashion collections! Every girl dreams to have her own walk in closet with all these nice and posh things!

If you are into fashion, you would also like collecting matching eyewear. Prada Sunglasses are nice to have especially if you are into high fashion and have matching clothes to fit this style. The Gucci Sunglasses are for those who have a more casual approach to life. They love to have fun, are moneyed, but are not really restricted to the norms of high fashion.

Whenever this shades break down, the luxurious set do not get a frame repair – they buy new pairs. After all, why pay for repair when sometimes it can be very expensive. At least if you buy a new one, you get a new pair with a different look. It is crazy why the labor for repairs are expensive that you are encouraged to just buy new ones. If only they are not so expensive, people will have their things repaired and our society will not incur so much garbage!

2 thoughts on “Prada Sunglasses and other Fashionable Eyewears

  1. Me too, how does it feel wearing authentic Prada’s and Gucci’s? I only have the ones in Greenhills lol

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