Preparing for the Move

In two months time, we are relocating the whole family back to our hometown in Cagayan de Oro City. And as early as now, we are already packing up our things as we get ready for the big day. We already contacted the cargo company that will take care of the shipment of our belongings.

But we still have one problem, we haven’t bought furniture pads yet or even raw lumber to form as crates for our appliances. We haven’t got the time to check on the price. I was planning to go by myself early last month but was delayed due to some pressing needs that I needed to attend. Anyway, I am hoping to ask for their prices before the month ends. I need to know the prices as early as possible since I needed to allocate another budget for that as we are running short of cash as my husband have already assigned last year.

Oh well, I just wish that I would get plenty of tasks from my online gigs so that I would be able to cover up for the future expenses that will incur when d-day arrives. Aside from that, I still have a big family to feed with three kids and four adults! Waaaahhh!!!

4 thoughts on “Preparing for the Move

  1. that’s the hard part of moving….packing everything! i already have a problem just spending the weekend at my mom’s because of the things we need to pack, making sure that i don’t forget anything. but packing everything? wow that’s tough!

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