Pursue or Not

I have been very busy with all my pending articles on term life insurance quotes when I remembered that for weeks of being busy, I haven’t hosted Pink Fridays for such a long time. I am not really sure if I am going to pursue it anymore.

Anyway, I am still thinking about it or maybe come up with another plan; either to pursue or do something different. But to be honest, I would surely miss Pink Fridays if I stop this meme.

2 thoughts on “Pursue or Not

  1. I vote for Pursue. You don’t have to do it every week. Once a month will do. That way you get to do other stuff and still get to host Pink Fridays. ^_^

  2. ill suggest you will pursue it because in the future you can use it to earn extra money..me im hosting 9 blogs but still i updates them all and their one company that i have that can pay me 15 pounds every month by just posting their banner on my home page you can apply there too..just check out my site you’ll find it..thanks can we also have an link exchange? thanks

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