Rebounding DVD For The Cellerciser

“We may not be able to avoid the aging process, but I really believe with the Cellercise Program we can avoid the symptoms of the aging process.” — David Hall

That is the point of this new Rebounding DVD for the Cellerciser. In this DVD you learn the how and the why you should be exercising on a Cellerciser. David Hall himself explains everything you need to know about how to achieve optimal health through rebounding. But Cellercising is more than just exercising on a rebounder. In fact, David Hall doesn’t even call the Cellerciser a rebounder because the Cellerciser is the best rebounder on the planet. The patented springs and unparalleled mat set the Cellerciser apart into a class of its own. It may looks somewhat like what you might see in a sporting goods store or in infomercials but as soon as you step on the Cellerciser, you instantly see that this is not an ordinary rebounder. The Cellerciser’s patented triple-tiered tapered spring barrel is the only spring that actually adjusts to the users weight and jump height. The Cellerciser mat never stretches and always provides ultimate support – lifting users straight up regardless of the landing angles. These are incredibly important features for safe and effective exercise that you will only find on the Cellerciser.

If you need more reasons for why you should be rebounding on the Cellerciser, David Hall has just released a new rebounding DVD. In his rebounding workout DVD Cellercise The Ultimate Exercise Rebounding Workout DVD you learn the following:

  • What Is Cellercise?: Over an hour long presentation at his Extreme Health seminar where David Hall gives amazing demonstrations and clearly explains why NASA has stated that Cellercise is the best exercise ever devised by man.
  • Cellercise Set-Up / Maintenance: This is a short section because there’s not much to do to set up your Cellerciser. Nevertheless, you see how to unfold your Cellerciser and some tips for keeping it in good shape.
  • The 10-Minute Workout!: David Hall goes over 14 different exercises that you can use in your 10-minute daily workout.
  • Personal Trainer: David Hall acts as your very own personal trainer giving you specific exercises to target the places you want to target. For example, there are exercise to build muscle mass, improve digestion, improve vision, enhance balance, and the best abdominal exercises you will ever see. There are even exercises to target under your chin or the part of your arm that keeps waiving good-bye when your hand stops moving – one of my favorites.
  • Testimonials: There are over 10 minutes of testimonials to keep you motivated. Real people tell their real stories about how the Cellerciser has changed their lives for the better. It’s amazing to hear about the dramatic effects people experience improving their health through Cellercise.

This really is the best rebounding DVD I have ever watched because, not only do you learn a ton of different exercises to do, you also learn why you do them. So, check out the Cellerciser and the new rebounding DVD and watch your health improve by leaps and bounds. (I couldn’t resist the pun)

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