Saving Gold Coins

My children keep piggy banks. They save every coin they have in extra to buy whatever they want when the piggy bank is full.

So after a few months, they will open their piggy bank and buy toys or dresses for themselves. But sometimes, my little boy’s imaginations go way beyond my expectations. Sometimes he wished that he was savings gold coins like the pirates so that when his piggy bank is full, he will buy not only toys or dresses but also our very own mansion, cars and even our own airplane!

I really admire my son’s imagination and being vocal about it. I love it that he wants to have our own house (take note a mansion) and our own transportation which includes our own private plane. LOL! Anyway, I just wished that it was easy to save up for gold coins. Not that I wanted to have a mansion, but gold coins can really secure my children’s future as they can be used as investments because of its stability in the market.

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