For medical practitioners, it is important to find the best medical scrubs to easily get around, be comfortable in, one that has minimal dirt to hide and could easily be replaced if stained or damaged. Nowadays there are actually hundreds of companies that make or sell scrubs, making the range of choices wider for nurses and other medical practitioners.

Marcus nursing scrubs offer a wide array of colors and designs. Surgical scrubs come with plain, light colors while non-surgical ones can come with designs. For nurses working in children’s hospital for example, they could have scrubs with colorful cartoon character prints.

More and more hospitals are becoming creative and are relaxed in their rules with the wearing of scrubs for non-surgical nurses. Some even have prints that jive with special occasions during the year.

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  1. I have a friend who wears scrubs as her outdoor outfit like when going to malls 🙂
    She’s not even a nurse,

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