Second Hand or Pre-Owned Items

Have you considered yourself a fashionista? Well, for me personally, I think I am not. I am not always with flow. I just like to wear the things I love to wear, in trend or not. I am not also a person who prefers branded things. I try to settle to something that looks good, feels comfortable, quality and of course, something that fits the budget.

But if opportunity is available, like second hand goods, garage sales or pre-owned items, well I like digging branded ones too! I mean they are already used but still in good quality and branded – who cares right? I mean if you see a pre-owned Girard Perregaux watch, wouldn’t you grab it for hubby? As for me, I will definitely do! If you see a Gucci bag and priced that you can truly afford, would you just leave it there? Well, if I do have extra money why not?

I guess there’s nothing wrong with second hand or pre-owned items as long as it’s still in good condition and right priced, I wouldn’t care less…would you?

One thought on “Second Hand or Pre-Owned Items

  1. It’s fun to follow trends once in a while as long as it suits you. Designer/branded/brand-new/pre-owned, it doesn’t matter, it’s how you carry yourself that matters.

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