Second World War and Baseball

I don’t know why movies have similar themes but there are some theme combinations that really stands out. One of these theme combinations in movies I noticed that always ends up with a good story line is about the Second World War and baseball.

When my son got hospitalized, a movie was shown over the cable. I don’t know what the title of the movie but it was about a Japanese family living in the US during the Second World War. It depicts the struggle of the Japanese people living in the US at that time and how they are treated so badly. The movie also involves the game baseball – an all American game. The Japanese was good at it but was despised because of his race. It was a really nice movie. My husband and I watched it together.

Another movie I watched before that involved the Second World War and baseball is the movie Tom Hanks, Geena Davis and Madonna starred. It was the movie, “A League of their Own.” It was a movie about women playing baseball because most of the men at that time were drafted to serve the US military. The movie was also nice. I love the way Geena Davis played her role.

I guess baseball always have a part in every American. Their country has seen many struggles but baseball always find its way to entertain them. Imagine, you can buy New York Yankees tickets and other ball games online!

Anyway, I wonder what movie they would make again with the same theme. As for me, I couldn’t think of any story anymore. I guess the theme is already exhausted. But I am not a movie maker, so I wouldn’t know. I am just an avid movie watcher!

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