Setting A Relaxing Corner

Stress is very common among adults. The cares of this world has so much taken over much of the lives of the people of these last two generations. Stress is very much one of the culprits why cancer thrives. People are natural worriers which is the reason why stress abounds. Whether it is about too much work load, beating the deadline, meeting quotas, or the lack of work, hence the lack of income to buy the basic needs for one’s family, relaxation seems to be unknown or farfetched. People no longer stop to smell the roses. Everyone wanted everything done at super speed. It seemed that technology has never satisfied people. There is always lack of contentment.

Could it be that one’s outlook is what the prime problem is here? The focus of attention is far from what is really important in life. Abusing our bodies will actually rob off ages from us. Getting enough sleep rejuvinates our bodies daily. Taking those sleeping hours awake working is defeating the purpose why you are working. We all want to live longer and yet our habits cut short our lives. We should learn to relax from the daily grind. Having a bar with matching bar stools and dim light and cool music and some wine (not liquor) will help our stressed out bodies. The morrow will be a lot better.

One thought on “Setting A Relaxing Corner

  1. If barato lng ng stool, i would buy one for myself poara sa amo kusina. like you said good for relaxing in the corner nya magbitbit ug daghang kaon, or tagay ug wine

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