Shocking Truth About the Cause of Celebral Palsy

There is a portion in our evening local news that features children that has abnormalities and sicknesses. They feature their cases hoping some financially blessed people might donate for their operations. One of the cases that I always felt sad about are the children with cerebral palsy.

At first, I thought cerebral palsy was an in born disorder that when you have a child born with it, you have no choice but to accept it. So that is why I always feel sorry about children with such cases but lately, I have found out that cerebral palsy can also be caused by medical malpractice. These are sometimes caused by the injuries suffered by the baby during child birth which is contributed by the negligence of doctors, nurses or hospitals. When I learned about it, I felt a little mad myself. Imagine how many innocent parents and children have suffered such burden and not knowing that it might have been caused by other people’s mistakes!

In the US, they have special medical laws that protect parents and children alike from these kind of malpractice. They have the right to sue these medical practitioners in the fullest extent of the law just to give justice to the suffering caused to children. I really wished law was affordable in our place. Unfortunately, some parents will not push through filing a case because they can’t afford even just to hire a lawyer. It is just too sad!!

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