Shoe Shopping Frustrations

I was at the mall a couple of days ago trying to look for a few good pairs of shoes. Some events, both formal and casual, are in the offing and I badly need shoes to use to those events. I am not a shoe-holic. I only buy shoes when I need them and in this case, I really need new pairs of shoes because some of the pairs I’m using at present are almost seeing the end of their days.

When I went to the mall, I was determined to find the most gorgeous pairs of shoes ever and I did find a pair of strappy stilettos with straps made of flimsy material. They were lovely so I asked for my size. When I tried them on, the shoes won’t fit me! I asked for bigger sized pair and it still won’t fit. According to the salesclerk, my feet were still the same size but they have grown wider.

Now I am convinced that the weight I gained over the years has caused my feet to expand as well. That doesn’t bode well for me so I have to start cooking up an effective weight loss plan and supplement it with diet pills that could help reduce my food cravings or speed up my metabolism. I really need to lose weight and fast!

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