Should I Buy a PDA?

No, I don’t mean Public Display of Affection. I get plenty of that from my loving kids. I’m actually talking about a Personal Digital Assistant. As it is, I have a lot of things in my hands and on top of that, I’m a devoted mother to three beautiful children.

Hence, I feel the need to get myself organized. I have access to a computer but then there are times when I have to go out and run some errands. But even so, I have to somehow be connected to the online world so I can keep tabs on my online endeavors. A laptop is still cumbersome for me so I think I should look into PDAs. At least, a PDA is small enough to fit in my pocket but can be powerful enough to let me do what needs to be done.

Maybe it’s high time I get one for myself. I just need to make sure it has more than sufficient memory for the price I’m willing to pay for it, perhaps dual functionality so my kids can enjoy watching a video or listening to music, and of course, Wi-Fi capability.


  1. Willa

    Super ganda!!!!Wala akong masabi! I love it!!!

  2. Cecile

    love your pink layout…

  3. Pinx

    very pink and lovely! go go go! buy one now!

  4. mama

    hmmm…i had a pda once, did not really use it. i would like an ipad tho, for dindin hehe

  5. Rossel

    i like PDA too kahit hindi ko masyadong kailngan. ganda kase.

  6. zoan

    mahal ba ang PDA?:)

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