Show the Men in Your Life that You Admire them with CAO Cigars and Others

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday. Have you gotten a gift for that most important man in your life? If you haven’t yet, then you should read this because we will be discussing about some of the best brands of cigars. I think even if your father or husband doesn’t smoke, gifting them with a cigar would be symbolical of your gratitude to them. The cigars would be a symbol of respect and honor from you to them. One cigar type you can give is Acid cigars. These cigars are hand made from Nicaragua and they are made using only the most natural of materials. What makes this type of cigar special is that it has a distinct flavor that is quite pleasing to the taste and may do wonders to uplift your spirit.

A second type of cigar is CAO cigars. What are these? These little cigars are actually worlds different from the usual cigar or tobacco that leaves you with a stinky smell. These are flavored cigars with assorted flavors that are sure to uplift your mood and also that of the people around you because they wouldn’t have to hold their breaths anymore each time you puff and huff. Some of the flavors of CAO are caramel macchiato, cherry, vanilla, cocoa, honey, Irish cream and even white chocolate. Sounds good enough to taste, huh?

But since it is Father’s Day, dads and husbands only deserve the best. In that case, you might want to give them Padron cigars. These cigars have unique tastes and they scream utmost quality. But the great thing about these is that they are not too expensive but are affordably priced. With a rich, medium-to-full bodied flavor, these cigars are sure to give the special men in your life an unforgettable Father’s Day.

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