Shrimp in Buttered Soup

Today is the start of the newest meme – Yummy Sunday. I am so excited because I would be one of the pioneer participants of this weekly meme and aside from that hubby cooked our favourite special dish during lunch – Shrimp in Buttered Soup!

For appetizer, I had a cubed bean curd in native vinegar. I am the only who eats this since my hubby doesn’t like the smell. I have big eyes but I like eating Chinese delicacies.

Thanks to Janet for inviting me to join her newest meme. To join us, please click on the banner above. See you entry soon!


  1. janet

    you just made me drool over that shrimp soup, pink mama. thanks for being a part of yummy sunday!

  2. Melissa

    I love seafoods especially shrimps..yum! Just by looking at your post makes me want to have one right now. Really looks delicious…thanks for the share…

  3. Aisha

    :(( I want some so badly! The food looks really good, I'm sure it's super delicious!

  4. Lalaine

    wow! looks so yum! it's great that your Hubby can cook well!

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  5. litlit

    Wow! it looks so yummy…

  6. Mommy Elvz

    I like seafoods too! yummy 🙂

    by the way i have something for u here http://www.mommyelvz.com/2008/11/blogger-buddy-award.html
    hope you can grab it.

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