Silly Thoughts

When I was still working, my best friend and I have few talks about our imaginations. You know, those silly thoughts that get inside your mind, the “what if” episodes. For example, from where I work, there are plenty of stairs. Every time, I go up or down the stairs, I always imagine what if I lose balance and fall. What would happen? What would I look like? So, I told my best friend about this and she said, she also have those kind of silly thoughts too every time she uses the stairs.
Well, that was one of those funny but scary silly thoughts that I had. But there are some that came across my mind that I don’t really want to think about like what if I lost my babies inside a mall or what if we ride a bus and suddenly they are gone. Those are what ifs that I really don’t what to get inside my mind. It worries me. I also thought of us getting lost in the woods and that we don’t know how to get out.

Of course, these are just silly thoughts, a product of a mind at work, a mind that never sleeps! By the way, do you have these kinds of episodes too? Having silly thoughts?

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