Sticker Art

Sticker art is the use of custom sticker printing to create stickers that are considered to be street art. It is variously labeled as sticker bombing or sticker tagging. The most common purpose of sticker art is to promote a message, political, religious, or otherwise. Sticker art may also be used as a pure art form, where street artists simply display their work without any commercial motive. In this sense, it can be seen as a type of postmodern art.

Street artists find it very easy to use stickers for their art. They can simply stick their custom made stickers and leave; stickers also do not damage street walls as much as other forms of graffiti.

Another form of street art does not create custom designed stickers as such, but uses colored tapes of various shapes and sizes to create street art. This is similar to using building blocks like kids do, only the application is different.

Sticker art can be found all over the world. Street artists use freely available commercial stickers, add hand drawn art to them, and display them as sticker art. One popular, freely available sticker is a United States Postal Service mailing label. Some sticker artists also use an ordinary home printer and label printer to create stickers that they use for sticker art. The fact that stickers are so cheap has contributed to the popularity of sticker art, and it also helps that a quick sticker adhesion can effect a quick getaway.

Many well-known sticker artists have gone on to become famous artists. One of the more famous ones is Obey Giant, whose work is now considered to be quality art, as compared to graffiti and other forms of street art. His work is often sold in high end boutiques, which just goes to show you how far sticker art can take you.

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