Such a Crowd

When I go shopping nowadays, I find it hard because the supermarket is such a big place. If you want to buy a product, you have to check one long row of displays. And when you get there, you will realize that there are so many products to choose from and then you start comparing prices and benefits and sizes. Like for example, you need acne treatments that work. You look at the generic name of their ingredients and their effects. Gee, it takes so long to finish your grocery list!

And when you get to check out, you will have to wait many more minutes longer because of the long queue of people waiting for their turn to pay!

But somehow, when my mind is all heavy and I just want to empty it, I go to the supermarket just so I can do a no-brainer. I would browse aimlessly through the aisle, sometimes passing by the items that I am supposed to by. After wandering several minutes, I would get back to myself and resume shopping. Somehow, just looking at the displays has a therapeutic effect on me. You guys should also do that sometime.

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