Taking Care of our Health

There is a TV commercial that headlines “Getting sick is not allowed” but it was said in our local language. The message is that, times are hard and if we get sick, we will be spending so much more and we are incapacitated to work. They are advertising a one a day vitamins—a common brand—that costs about 10 pesos each. So they say, at P10 a day, you can already avoid getting sick with common ailments like flu, cough, colds and fever.

Yes this is true. We need our vitamins to stay in optimum health. But I also think that aside from vitamins, we also need a balanced diet that follows the food pyramid. We also need a regular exercise regimen. This does not necessarily involve going to the gym, but getting the heart pumping for several minutes a day is a good thing. It could just be a simple dance exercise routine for 30 minutes and it would already do wonders to our health.

These are what I intend to do for this year. I need to get off my seat and start working out.

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