Thank God for Blogging

Since I got married 10 years ago, I always dream of becoming an earning stay at home mother and wife. I wanted to be at home with my kids and at the same time earning so that I can help put in some cash for our family needs.

In my quest to reach my goal to become an earning stay at home mother and wife, I have experienced a lot of difficulties. I got involved in many money making schemes and ended up with no money at all. Finally, in 2007, a friend of mine introduced to me the most successful home based business I ever encountered!! She introduced me in the world of paid blogging!!

At first, I thought it was not possible that someone could earn online since I am always losing in my investments but when she introduced me to paid blogging, I was never the same again. After 3 months of learning how to blog and earn, I resigned from work and started to live my dream as an earning stay at home mommy and wife!!

Now, it has been two years since I am earning from home. There were times I wanted to give up due to limited number of assignments due to some factors but I persevered. Until now, I am still earning and sometimes even much more from my previous months!!

Thank God for blogging!!

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