The Games Children Play

There was a time when kids play meant playing tag with the neighborhood kids, playing basketball with a makeshift ball, playing house with your girlfriends, playing hopscotch, “patintero” and hide-and-seek. There was even a time when kids got hooked on tops, yoyos, trump cards, marbles and street games like cops and robbers. Those were the games I played while I was growing up. Now, ask your child if he or she knows any of that stuff. Chances are your kid will give you a blank stare in response to you.

Indeed, times have changed and even games children play has evolved. It’s more than likely that your kids are now hooked on PSP, PS3, Wii or Xbox. Personally, I think these modern gaming consoles are only out there to make you several dollars poorer. One example is when you set out to buy ps3 games. They almost cost as much as a new DVD of a top grossing movie! But when you have a kid, you’re ready to spend no matter how much as long as your kid stays happy.

4 thoughts on “The Games Children Play

  1. for our kid, we taught her how to play hopscotch, yoyo, paperdolls, origami, “lutu-lutuan” or for her its cooking-cooking 🙂 and more stuff to teach like the one with the rubber bond thing, “syato”, etc, Hope yo guys can relate =)

  2. Most kids nowadays love to play electronic gadgets or PC don’t know if they are less creative or more creative. Nowadays,, kids are fond with cellphone and going to internet cafes which causes additional financial weight to the parents..

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