The Importance of a College Degree

When we were younger we’d often hear our parents say that education is the only thing they can leave us when they are gone and would constantly lecture us about the importance of education to our success in the future. Now that I am a mother myself and have children of my own, I realized how these words from my mom ring true. In this dog-eat-dog world we live in now, where everything is temporary and everything changes by the second, education and a College degree is really one of the most important things we can leave as legacy to our children, especially for parents who do not really have any other worldly possessions, like business or properties, which they can bequeath to their children when the time comes. A College Degree, may that be from a reputable Business school or one of those famed Topeka beauty schools, can very well be our children’s ticket to a good life and a good retirement later on. No wonder parents are really working doubly hard to send their children to school. Hopefully every child will realize this and will strive to do well in their studies.

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