The Price of Being a Workaholic

I spend most of the day seated in front of the computer and I must admit that it’s not easy. After a long day’s work, I could feel the muscles around my shoulder tense and my spine literally hurts. It’s probably because of my posture. I don’t think even an ergonomic chair would suffice considering that I sit for very, very long hours in front of the computer.

To tell you frankly, though, it’s a bit scary because I’m thinking the pain I feel at my back may be the early signs of osteoporosis. I’m not ready for that and I don’t think I ever will be. Maybe I should start taking calcium supplements to make my bones stronger and healthier so I wouldn’t have to be exposed to the risks of osteoporosis.

Sometimes being too busy with work leaves one with virtually no time to look after himself and I don’t want to wait for that day when it’s too late. I don’t want to end up using a walking stick when I get older just because I didn’t take care of my body when I was younger.


  1. Rossel

    i'm workaholic too. i can't sleep kapag hindi pa tapos lahat ng tasks.

  2. zoan

    hay naku , ako din. titigilan ko na ang pagharap parati sa laptop ko:( o kaya uminom na ako ng calcium 🙂

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