The Reason Why

If you have noticed, Pink Thoughts have been offline for a few days. I had a problem with my domain name. It was set t expire last October 13. Since I have put it into manual renewal, I was expecting that they will send me a reminder email about my domain’s expiration. Unfortunately, they didn’t and because of that, my blog disappeared for a few days!

Good thing some of my sponsors alerted me that my blog was offline. That is when I was able to check about my domain expiration. Another good thing is that I was still in the 19 days allowance to get hold of my domain before they place it on their domain vault. That means my domain can’t be bought in the next 6 months!

Anyway, I thank God that I was able to renew my domain. It would be very frustrating if I have lost a domain out of a company’s negligence in not sending me an email reminder. That would make me go crazy!

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