Thinking of Building an Informational Website

I have been thinking lately about making more money online. So, I thought maybe putting up an informational website with affiliate links would be a nice project to work on. All I need is a reliable web hosting company that can offer me affordable rates and an uptime guarantee of 99.99%!

So, I opted to search for web hosting companies that offer their customer such feature. One of these companies I was able to check-out was They offer a shared hosting for as low as $2.49 a month with unlimited bandwidth. Aside from that, they also offer free web hosting with no banners at all.

Anyway, I am still thinking as of the moment since I am really attracted with the RVSiteBuilders script they have which offers newbie webmasters like me to use over 500 templates for easy start-ups. They also offer free domain and dedicated IP. They also have many other scripts installed which I find beneficial.

If you’re interested, you may check out their website too.

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