Those Were The Days

I really hate it when my husband gets home in the wee hours of the morning heavily drank and acts like everything is perfectly normal. He would just order me to prepare things for him, serve him food and attend to his needs. Grrrr… I just remembered, gone are the days when we used to enjoy our friends’ company together; we drink, talk and eat as if life was that simple. Most of these times, we had some grilled chicken or pork barbeque to munch while we hang around at the lawn or backyards of one of our friends.

When it’s time to go home, the girls will help clean the place and the grill as well. I remember the colorful Grill Covers that one of our friends have. Aside from making the grill handy and safe and easy to carry, it also looks kind of fashionable. One of our friends once jokingly said, “If we could only put our husbands in those Grill Covers and just take them out whenever we need them”… and we just all laughed. Ah those were the days!

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