Top 10 Commentator for February 2011

This is a very late post. I am really sorry but as they said better late than never. LOL!!!

Anyway, I would like to acknowledge and give thanks to my Top 10 Commentators for the month of February 2011. I am so happy that you have come to visited me and commented on my posts. Thank you so much from my heart!!!

  • air air (11)
  • Green Dei Green Dei (9)
  • shydub shydub (9)
  • Cecile Cecile (8)
  • mama mama (7)
  • Rossel Rossel (7)
  • Willa Willa (7)
  • jared's mum jared’s mum (6)
  • genefaith genefaith (5)
  • melandriaromero melandriaromero (5)

For my Top TWO, I will be featuring you as my BLOGS of THE MONTH. But since I have a tie on the second place, I am featuring three!! Air, Green Dei and Marz Shydub! Yahoo!!

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Commentator for February 2011

  1. mommy rubs thanks po sa badge badge-an pasensya na po di ako marunong gumawa. na touch naman po ako sa effort nio hihihi

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