Toy (Car) Story

My children love playing toy cars so does Mommy and Daddy. We love seeing toy cars run in paths or just around the house. Since my boy is very fond of it, we buy him every time he celebrates his birthday. Last year, we bought him an expensive remote control truck. Unfortunately after a few weeks of use, he grew tired and stopped playing with it.

When the last week of July came (of this year), my Mom brought with her three Ferrari toy cars. She intends to give one for my oldest, Micah, my only boy, David, and my unborn baby at that time, Bella. Immediately, my two kiddos loved playing their stylish Ferrari toy cars especially my son who always bumps the car at objects which in turn terrified me. I don’t want a collector’s item ruined in a few minutes. If the toy is broken, it is impossible to find toy Ferrari parts. It simply doesn’t exist.

Lately, my son celebrated his birthday. He really demanded to buy a Hot Wheels set which costs more than $10. We can’t help but agree since he really wanted it. But still we bought another toy which we believed is more enjoyable and affordable compared to what he had asked. So, when we arrived home, we enjoyed the affordable toy car with paths which in turn he later realized that it was indeed fun to play with compared to what he asked us to buy for him. So in the end, he had all the toys we bought for his birthday and the whole family enjoyed it…including our cat!

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