Upcoming Steel Wedding Anniversary

Next year, my husband and I will celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary. According to the site, www.justpaperroses.com, we are celebrating our STEEL WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. So, as early as now, I am checking out anniversary gift ideas online. I wanted to plan and prepare for my gift so that I don’t have to rush on it next month.

Speaking about gifts, I saw a lot of wedding anniversary gifts by year at www.justpaperroses.com. You can view variety of wedding gift ideas that can make celebrations a whole lot of fun. As for our STEEL wedding anniversary, I saw this cute and cuddly teddy bear holding a steel rose at the site. I find it very sweet though I am planning to give it to my husband who is more a t-shirt guy. LOL!

Anyway, there are many other wedding gifts you choose there. You can avail of JustSteelRoses, photo frames, home run baseball cap, anniversary post-it notes, toilet paper, t-shirt and some flirty aprons for FUN. These wedding gifts are available in every traditional wedding celebration from paper (first wedding anniversary) up 50th and more!

And aside from these, you can also check out their other gift ideas suitable for birthdays, Christmas presents and other special occasions. One of my favorites for that matter is the RealMoneyTree!!

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