Useless Customer Representatives

Calling customer services from big companies is an easy process because most of their communication systems have a call center predictive dialing system installed on it. This can help hasten the connection of the caller to the right agent. Unfortunately, some companies are so high tech but their customer representatives are useless. I think some of them lack the training to troubleshoot problems encountered by their clients that they have difficulty in answering.

Many of my customer service call episodes are with my internet provider before. They always do the same protocol but ends up with no immediate solution. They always rely on the company’s support group that promises to send you a mobile text message with the day which often than not failed to do so.

Anyway, thank God the solution to my problems was sought. Not because of the customer service representatives’ help but because of my initiative to increase the height of my internet canopy antenna. Now, my internet connection is doing fine. No thanks to them but to their contractor who helped me install a taller G.I. Pipe to increase the height of my antenna.

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