Victimized by Thieves!

A very close blogger friend of mine broke the bad news the other day that they were victimized by thieves while they were sleeping. According to her, the robbers cut the screen in their living room window and entered from there. Most of the items taken were gadgets owned by her and other family members. She lost a laptop, a DSLR, cell phones and a Wii among others.

I really felt bad for her but the most important thing is that none of the family members got hurt. More than all the material possession lost, we should always remember that our lives are more important. I’m pretty sure that God will give back everything to them, maybe even a hundredfold!

Who knows, a few weeks from now she may already be on the hunt for a wii sports resort to replace the one stolen by those ruthless criminals. Anyway, I hope the thieves get caught soon. They have to pay for their crime.

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