It is such a bummer when you have eyesight problems. You get headaches, get nauseated, and can’t stay working for very long because it is such a pain.

Thankfully, I got my prescription eyeglasses fast from a clinic at the mall. And I am also thankful that the first time it was done, I did not need adjustments. I know of some people that needed adjustments several times before they finally got the perfect pair for them. At least, my pair was worth the money I paid for it.

I am really hoping that my eyesight would get back to normal, but I am not counting on it. The nearest to normal eyesight that I have is the one where I am wearing these lenses.

Now that I got my normal vision back, thanks to my glasses, am I qualified to be called a “visionary” now? LOL Joke.

5 thoughts on “Visionary

  1. uu nga, sakit sa mata minsan nakakasuka talaga, i dont have bad eyesight yun ang alam ko bat lately im been feeling some mighraine na. basin maka plit ko ug mata ani sa kabayo sa gaisano hehe

  2. I once bought prescription glasses when I was in college due to measles I got. After 6 months, I had a normal vision, relief! Ayoko mag glasses!!!! or contacts!!! =) shades lang =)

  3. i think i need to get my eyes checked na kasi i often suffer from headaches and i get nauseous most of the time, too. that’s the price i have to pay for always being in front of my netbook!

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