Wear Riding Apparel For Your Own Safety

A motorcycle is usually referred to as a bike or a motorbike. It is usually a 2 wheeler motor vehicle like the cruiser, scooter or a sports bike. Sometimes, we can find 3 wheeler motorcycle too. There are the street bikes and off the road bikes. Motorcycles can be used for long or short distance travel, sports racing, off the road riding or dirt riding. Motorcycle club members usually come together to enjoy recreational activities e.g. motorcycle rallies or sports.

Some of the most popular brands of motorcycle are Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc. A motorcycle is a popular mode of transport in developing countries due to being one of the cheapest alternatives and lower fuel consumption. A motorcycle may be one of the most popular modes of transportation but it is also a dangerous one. Motorcycle riders are fully exposed and are without any protective shield or covering around them compared to the car drivers.


In order to minimize the seriousness of the injuries resulting from falls, motorcycle riders are encouraged to wear proper good quality riding gear. Wearing safety motorcycle gears is not about you looking cool but it is for your safety. You should also feel comfortable when wearing them. Some of the good quality or the best motorcycle apparel a rider should have are:

  1. Safety helmet.
  • To protect your head, brain and your face from serious injuries or even death.
  • To prevent bugs or particles from hitting your face, eyes or mouth.
  • Buy a good quality helmet that meets the safety standards for helmets.
  1. Hand Gloves.
  • For better grip on the handlebars.
  • Most riding gloves come with knuckle protectors made from leather or other protective materials to protect your knuckles and hands in a crash.
  • To protect your hands from the harsh weather.
  • Hand gloves with protective padding might help to protect your hands from losing skin, fingers or broken bones.
  1. Motorcycle Jacket.
  • To keep you warm and comfortable in the cool weather.
  • To protect from the blazing hot sun or the rain.
  • To protect your skin, flesh, muscles, and bones in case of a crash or accident.
  1. Over The Ankle Boots.
  • Protect your feet and toes in case of a crash.
  • The boots should be comfortable, fitting snugly and not loose.
  1. Motorcycle Pants.
  • Proper motorcycle pants or motorcycle jeans that do not shred easily in case of a fall.
  • Protection of your skin and lower body parts in case of a crash or accident.

When riding a motorcycle, always be alert and ride safely for your own safety as well as for the safety of other road users.

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