Weight Loss Because of Stress

Because of many unavoidable circumstances (I prefer not to disclose), I was able to visit my OB doctor today after being absent from my prenatal check-up for two months. My last happened last May 2009. So when I arrived, both my doctor and her secretary gave me the same remark. Both of them noticed that I have lost weight and have gain a fairer complexion. They told me that I looked as if I took a lot of weight loss pill instead of vitamins for pregnant women.

Well, I couldn’t blame them. I have gone through much stress lately which is heavy in the heart and mind. Emotional and financial problems can really put a weight on you causing you to worry thereby stressing yourself too much! And I think that is the real reason why I am losing weight instead of gaining.

Anyway, the prenatal check-up went very well. The baby is OK and very active. She is already in positioned ready for labor and delivery which will happen next month. Though I have one problem, I am still suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI). So I need to take in another anti-bacterial tablet for one week. Then, my doctor will require me to visit her again after the treatment.

Oh well, I guess my stress is also causing my UTI too. I think there is no scientific proof that it does but I just felt like all the sicknesses and the pains I am having right now is stress-related. Not because I am eating unhealthy but I am feeling and thinking unhealthy because of many problems. What do you think?

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